Sattvika Essentials

Our purpose:

As an acupuncturist the aim in my treatment is to balance the Body Heart and Mind. Our Body is our Temple as well as the Earth on which we live. As the skin covers a great deal of our body,  it is of  great importance, it protects our organs, it also protects us against environmental pollution and the weather, but it also indicates our health and how we take care for it.

Why natural organic soap?

Most manufactured soaps contain synthetic ingredients, which make them more affordable to fabricate. 

These synthetic ingredients are detrimental to our immune , reproductive and respiratory system, while they also damage our skin. The detergents in these soaps, which are added so that the soaps can be creamy and have better stability and produce lather, can lead to skin rashes and eczema.

Our handmade soaps are made of the best organic oils, herbs, herbal infusions and natural colourants, which will nourish, sooth and detox our skin and our Spirit, without side effects.  Our soaps are not only organic and vegan, but also biodegradable as well the packages we use. Zero pollution.


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